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The humble origins of The Suit Lady trace back over two decades ago. With family in the wholesale business, I used to help people select suits that looked best on them. More and more individuals began to flock to me, seeking my fashion expertise. The rest, of course, is history. Now I sell thousands of suits to customers across the world, from the United States to London to Australia.

While The Suit Lady business has expanded globally, I still make sure to maintain an intimate rapport with my clients. My mission is to make everyone look good on a budget; I firmly believe that you do not have to break the bank just to look like a million bucks. I pride myself in keeping my prices down but maintaining superior quality suits. Also, I understand how busy my clients are, and have been working hard to facilitate the process of choosing and ordering suits through social media and this very website. With my keen eye and undivided attention, I make sure to provide the proper suit and accessories for every occasion. As The Suit Lady, I am dedicated to having satisfied clients who both look good and feel great.

Naomi Klinger

The Suit Lady

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